“My reading with Viki was truly Excellent! The information that came through resonated 100% and was so helpful in my journey. Viki is very gifted! I give her my highest praise and recommendation and will happily refer to her, as well as look forward to working with her again.” -JM

“Since this was my first Akashic reading, I was unsure of what to expect. Any concerns I had were eased as Viki started our session. She explained the journey we would take and answered any questions I had. My uncertainty changed to wonder as we explored together. As the session began, Viki’s meditation created an atmosphere of peacefulness and openness, and put me completely at ease. I found to my surprise that much of what she offered was, in fact, not a surprise, but seemed to touch on vague and distant memories.  While some information seemed random to me at first,it began to make perfect sense as my perception shifted during the session. These discoveries were brought about by the quiet, contemplative and safe setting Viki created, and her quiet, gentle way of presenting the impressions she was receiving. It seemed as if Viki could tap into my largely ignored but newly discovered sense of my own innate connections to my soul’s journey.  Her compassion and sensitivity helped me see with clarity the connections of my past to the present and to welcome the future with a new awareness. It was a wonderful and extraordinary experience in every way.” -EQ

“Viki is highly knowledgable about the body which serves to inform all her Pilates work. She knows how far her clients can go so her classes are challenging and safe! She is smart, kind, warm and funny. I recommend Viki with total confidence!” -KB

“I started working with Viki when I was about six weeks pregnant. What I gained from working with Viki was so much more than I ever could have imagined.  In addition to an incredible understanding of the human body, Viki also possesses an amazingly positive and joyful attitude which is simply contagious. I would leave our sessions feeling inspired and rejuvenated for the week ahead. I always looked forward to seeing Viki. I look back on my pregnancy with fondness and Viki was such a big part of that experience for me. I would highly encourage anyone and everyone (pregnant or not) to contact Viki. She will change your life for the better!” – AW

“Viki is a unique treasure, she effortlessly draws on multiple disciplines to find the exact way to meet her client’s individual needs and talents.  Working with Viki was always something to look forward to, not just for my workout, but to gain keen insights into my body awareness.  Viki brings a quiet strength and confidence that really makes you feel like you are in more than capable hands.  I can say that while working with her I always felt like I was moving towards my best self in all ways.” -EW

“Not only did I have an incredible amount of fun during our session, I walked away with a newly found sense of confidence to trust both my intuition and the “signs” I see about relationships and certain dynamics at play in my life (those are the record keepers talkin’!). Viki was like having a really active therapist on the other end of the phone—someone who brought a great wealth of life experience via the Akashic records to the table that gave the session a more satisfying feeling than any kind of therapy I’ve had. It felt like we were uncovering truths that are already there which takes the anxiety out of life! Definitely a positive, life-affirming experience—I’m so grateful for her gift!” -ET

“I loved my Akashic Reading with Viki. Not only was the information she gave me accurate and inspirational, but her delivery of the messages was compassionate and fun. I felt as if I have known her forever. I will definitely be communicating with her again and highly recommend her to everyone!” -AM

My session with Viki was super healing and transformative and I am so appreciative that a friend referred me to her.  Here is what I found exceptional about Viki’s work and why I had such a good experience with her: The information that she provides is clear and right on.  She was very in tune with me during the session and listened intently to everything I shared, and she also had tons of incredible information for me about myself that she was able to share with me.  She didn’t have a personal agenda for our session, nor did she tell me how to live my life- she simply channeled beautiful and clear information for me and guided me through healing exercises that had wonderful effects for me and were totally relevant.  There are a lot of “healers” and intuitives out there who can’t and don’t do what Viki can do, which is show up as a clear channel and with only benevolent and loving intentions for her clients and their well-being.  I felt so seen, so heard, so healed by my session with Viki.  If you can’t tell, I highly recommend her and if you are considering a session with her, you are making a good choice.  You deserve it, and if there is something bringing you confusion or pain in your life, Viki can help you understand it and truly heal it.  -AD

“My husband and I had the great pleasure to work with Viki for the last few years. She possesses a great ability to target what is wrong with you and find the specific ways to help and make you feel better so that after a class with her you always feel like “new” with renewed energy and a positive outlook for the day. She also keeps learning and expanding  her physical vocabulary and repertoire to make her classes interesting, different, and fresh. Viki is a wonderful Pilates instructor and we highly recommend her.” -IB

“As someone who had never participated in an Akashic Record Reading, I was so amazed and impressed with this experience. Viki immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed as we began our session. Her ability to tap into my spiritual essence was incredible. I learned so much about myself and the spirit guides who continue to travel this journey with me. Viki’s insight and intuitive abilities helped me to become more connected to my sense of self. She allowed me to understand how my past lives and experiences influence me in this life. Viki effortlessly channeled my energy to provide me with inner wisdom and helped me to realize my intuitive potential. I am so honored to have been given this Akashic Record Reading by Viki and look forward to many more with this remarkable woman.” -KF

“Viki has worked with my husband and me for 4 years. She has transformed our bodies, helping us to be both more comfortable in our older selves,  recapturing range of motion and helping vanquish  aches and pains. Pilates IS amazing, and Viki has great intuition and knowledge about the human body. She is very gifted and we really miss her, but know that whoever is lucky enough to be under her tutelage will reap great benefits and look and feel better.” -JZ

“I found Viki to be an amazing instructor. I worked with her individually, and her sessions were always interesting and challenging. Her feedback and encouragement were terrific. I never left a session feeling down. I also found her fitness goal setting to be really helpful–it allowed me to measure what I had achieved. Finally, on days when I was stiff or sore, and needed to work on muscle release or alignment, Viki was always ready and able to focus on what I needed that day, not what she had necessarily planned. And speaking of her plans for sessions, while Viki always cared enough about the sessions to have something planned, they never felt static or rote, always new and fresh. The focus was always on movement, form, and keeping it interesting.” -MW