Akashic Record Readings

Imagine a place where you can obtain answers to any questions you have about yourself.  The answers are given to you by Ascended Masters and Teachers as well as other guides who have been charged with not only storing and protecting your sacred information, but also with assisting you in remembering your divine light and path.  This place is known as your Akashic Record and it is the energy of your soul.

Once in your record, we explore specific questions, work through energetic blocks, and design a practical plan for continued healing after the session.

Investment options:

 Virtual via phone or Zoom

60 minutes and $100

90 minutes and $125

In Person

60 minutes and $160

90 minutes and $185

*20-30 minutes readings are available for events. Please contact Viki here for more information.


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Breathwork is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation. Although similar to yoga breathwork in that you will be controlling your breath and receive the benefits of stress reduction and relaxation, this three part breath is designed to create an emotional release.

The first breath goes into the lower belly where our pain, sadness, shame, and anger lie. The second breath pulls those feelings and parts of our shadow self that are ready to be released up to the heart to be cleansed in love.  The last breath lets it all go.

This self-healing practice has been described as “years of therapy in one session” and will leave you feeling clearer, lighter, more present, and at home in your body.

All you need is an open mind, willing heart, and your mat.

Investment: 75 minutes and $110



Reiki is a hands on technique for promoting relaxation and stimulating the body’s natural healing process on energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. This gentle approach can reduce stress, improve sleep, ease digestion, and is a wonderful compliment to treatments for illness and injury. Although it is a hands on practice it can be done remotely.

Investment: 75 minutes and $110


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Pilates is a method of movement designed to bring the body back into balance, develop deep strength, and increase flexibility. Each session is created to address your needs and help you reach your goals with a focus on being fully present in your body and moving with curiosity and love.

Specialties: pre/postnatal and rehabilitation

Investment: 60 minutes and $75