Meet Viki

“I think I know her from somewhere.”

I often times get asked the question “Have we met before?”  There was a time when my immediate thought was, “Ugh. No. We haven’t met before. Jeez. Why do so many people ask me that?!”

Now my thought is, “It’s awesome something about me feels familiar to them.”

My sister jokes that I have a sign above my head that says, “Please tell me your personal story.”

People feel safe talking to me because I hear what is being said in the silence.

I feel what they feel. I see their dark and their light. 

I write those last sentences with warmth in my heart because it feels really good to be my true self. For many years I played the roles of caretaker, Miss Perfect, martyr, and several others.  My characters allowed me to hide the parts of me I perceived as damaged goods. I became a chameleon, transforming myself to match others’ opinions, wants, and needs.  In my mind, all this effort guaranteed that no one would leave me on account of seeing something they didn’t like.  I was depressed, anxious, lonely, and running on the fumes that used to be my life force. I wasn’t living. I was surviving.

I needed to unravel the bindings of perfection, fear, and limiting beliefs that held me together in order to move forward. In doing so, I discovered a tender heart and strong will. I found a profound desire to honor my dark just as much as my light.  I started not only living but thriving.

I unearthed my authentic self. And you can, too.

My soul purpose is to be a teacher, healer, and source of support for others seeking to uncover their truth and bring their dreams into reality. The first step to owning a magical life is a loving, compassionate, and accepting relationship with ourselves. When we live off of self love, we utilize our personal power and inner knowing to make healthy choices, redefine boundaries, work with depression and anxiety, call in romantic relationships and friendships, and discover work we love to do.

You know who you are. I hold space for you to be witnessed and supported. 

You know what isn’t serving you. I give you tools for clearing out what doesn’t work.

You know where you want to be. I assist you in creating the road map to get there.

You are the expert on you. I look forward to watching you fully embrace yourself.  


Ready to go further then you ever have?

Let’s go the distance together. 



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* A very special thank you to Katie Payne for healing with me in the fields and to Lisa Kelly for capturing our souls with her amazing eye and camera!