This is everything.

this is everything photo


This. This is everything.
Today we got together to celebrate our incredible friend, Shannon. When Debra sent me this picture of her, me, and Jenn, I started to cry. I cried because today filled my heart in a way I realize can happen only being with other women. It inspired me to write this post which I was thinking would be so easy. Turns out it is really hard to find words that do everything I feel justice.
I have so much respect and love for the women who shared my home with me today and those who are in our crew but couldn’t make it. There is never a time where any one of us is in need that the rest don’t step up in whatever way they can to support and help. None of us are ever alone. We share ourselves, our stories, our successes, our struggles, our laughs, and our love so freely.
What women can do when they honor each other and share themselves without reservation is pure fucking magic. For real.
I wish for all women (and men because you guys need this, too!) to have a circle of friends that surrounds you always, moves in to hold you, and steps back to let you soar.
To my ride or die for life bad mamas… I love you and thank you for loving me!
#women #friendships #fuckingmagic#togetherwerise #togetherwearestronger

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